Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It tickles my rattle to read comments from people criticizing me saying I need to breath fire and have wings in order to be a dragon.

It's incredibly funny to see people going about tripping all over themselves to criticize one thing or another about my transformation.

If only people would wake up and smell the coffee and realize that not everything is as they think it is or should be and they are the ones looking like fools, because I am NOT a fire breather and I don't have wings.

I am Medusa, I am of the Gorgon family of dragons, a desert dwelling rattlesnake spitter dragon, not fire breather, so, no I can't singe the ignorance out of anyone but I can spit venom and I can inflict a deadly bite.

THAT'S the kind of dragon I am so all you critics out there who think you know your shit and stand their with your shallow minded points of view, put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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