Friday, September 2, 2016

Much More Support Than Haters For Tiamat Dragon Lady (Name Cofidential)

Dear Tiamat, I just wanted to write and say how beautiful your art/body modification is. I have some tattoos and a couple piercing and brands but nothing as extensive as yours.

I am thrilled that you like how you look because a person's self image has a huge effect on how they view the people around them. Obtaining happiness in how we view ourselves can be a very difficult task and I am happy you have achieved that. I am sorry you have had to put up with how some other people have treated you.

Keep your chin up and know that many people think you are a stunningly gorgeous person. Intolerance is a sin that many hyper-religious people are full of. I am a Christian man and I don't believe that God singles out LGBT people from his love. You are one of his creations just as we all are. Don't let the haters keep you from His love. He created you and knows your heart. Not the haters of this world.

I am a doctor as well and am glad to see you have healed well from your procedures. Also, be sure your HIV is treated. The world needs beautiful people like you to in it. Best wishes, God speed, good fortune, and good health to you as you continue on your path. Dr. __

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