Friday, September 2, 2016

New York Post Article - Dragon Lady Cuts Off Ears To Become More Reptilian

The New York Post at least did include my response to the surgeons story, but , true, I did not go into detail with Fox News because they didn't even ask my permission to use my story in their Health Blog.

If they had been a little patient and allowed me to respond to their email, which I had to sift from the barrage of messages I received after my story was Aired, I would have explained more to them, but, Ms. Alexandria blew it and now I will talk to someone else who won't be in such a hurry to tell a half assed story, putting words in my mouth, and writing a one sided biased blog using my story and my images; Tsk tsk tsk Fox News for shaaaaame!!!

On the New York Post article, I do give a thumbs up, and I send my thanks to them, but I'm still miffed as Ms. Alexandria Hein for being so unprofessional and disrespectful of me, but, that having been said, I am a forgiving individual, and in reality, it's water under the bridge and I'm moving forward on to the future as my metamorphosis continues.

~Tiamat, Dragon Lady

New York Post Article On Tiamat The Dragon Lady Sept. 2 2016

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