Thursday, September 22, 2016

TRANSSPECIEISM - Beyond the Gender Binary (Going Gender Less)

As the four year anniversary of my M2F transition quickly nears, I sit and reflect at all I have experienced as a transsexual in today's world.  I look and I see a world where people hold to double standards using a nod of approval selection process which simultaneously is used to suppress a certain segment of the global population with me being in said segment not just as a trans woman, but also as the most modified transsexual in the world who's twenty plus year modified journey has given birth to the Dragon Lady.

Contemplating the future, having made a final decision on my gender's situation.  Gender, and having been born into the wrong body has been a major source of pain and anguish and torment in my life and I have made the decision to forgo having a vaginoplasty and just go total gender less, electing to have a penectomy/castration procedure instead.

As I celebrate four years on HRT, having achieved success and surpassing my wildest imagination in my feminization, I now stand at the milestone crossroads of another very important life decision, and before I made my final decision I stopped in my tracks for a moment and I looked at my life as a human.  I see a bridge where one life ends and a new life emerges at it's center, I am compelled by the call of the wild to continue, to take that next step towards my complete happiness.  Like the meadow grass bending by the relentless force of a gentle wind, I had to follow my heart and do what felt the most natural for me; my metamorphosis from a human to a reptilian creature beckoned me to make the choice to shed my human genitals.  This, I am convinced, this I know, will make me the happiest while having opted for a vaginoplasty would have impeded and limited my female dragon metamorphosis and it would also have been detrimental to my emotional and psychological health.

Coming to this decision was not so easy for me, with more than just a few things to consider, but I weighed in all the factors including years of having had a love/hate relationship with my maleness, my penis which I fondly named 'Mr. Bojangles' in particular.  I can honestly say that I am at long last at peace with myself and I feel that in breaking the gender binary, in choosing to go gender less, I have made the best choice for myself psychologically and emotionally.  In not so many words I'm pretty much over the ways of the race that runs this planet, and, just in the same way I am so over being human, I am also over being male and female and I hereby reject both genders leaning more towards being alienesque, and less human as I continue to change my physical form to match my soul and my natural and true form; a half reptilian half human reptoid dragon.

What do I like to be called, male, or, female?  Honestly, I don't care what people want to call me.  I am comfortable in my own skin and I don't need nor want affirmation from anyone.  I am living my life and I am doing it my way and I am happy so that is all that really matters.  With all that having been said, I identify as a female and not a male.  I see myself and I live my life as a female, a female dragon known as the Dragon Lady, and all is cool just as long as a person doesn't call me a man or refer to me as male or they will see Medusa's green eyes of death and pay for the error of their ways, becoming an addition to my garden, and, oh yes, I prefer to be called an "it" as opposed to the pronouns she or her but I won't eat anyone for breakfast should they intentionally or inadvertently slip.

I know that some in the trans community do not understand me, just as I understand there are some out in the general population who also do not understand me.  All I can say is, you can understand me, if you try, and, I do hope that you can one day take the time to see that what makes the trans community and the world so beautiful is it's diversity like the colors of the rainbow; that's what I see when I see you, and while I may not fit the mold people are used to, I am still a transsexual and I will stand and continue to roar and defend you and fight for your rights as long as there is fire left in this dragon  heart of mine.

Whether people stand and support and whether people stand and condemn, is a play that I don't have a role in.  I'm sitting in the audience eating lime-salt popcorn, but ,don't worry, I'll be sure to inform you when Mr. Bojangles goes on the market to the highest bidder on Ebay. :)

As a reptoid it is my wish for mankind that you love one another.

Peace, love, and light to all from Oblivion.

~Tiamat, Dragon Lady 

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